I started this blog as a way of empowering people to reach their goals. I might be an over-encouraged idealist, but I believe the sky is the limit when it comes to creating a beautiful life through inspired dreaming and relentless hard work.

I am currently 30 weeks pregnant with our first baby. My husband and I live an enchanted life in the mountains of New Mexico, where we love each other, nurture our dreams, and give lots of kisses to our dog, Pablo.

Life can never be perfect, but it can be blessed. I want to encourage all readers to seek out a blessed life. When something isn’t working, be bold enough to do something else. Shortly after I learned I was pregnant, I quit my job to work from home as a freelance writer. I was blessed with a few steady clients in the early months of my career, and though it’s a constant work-in-progress, I’ve been able to maintain a comfortable existence buying groceries and baby supplies with the spare money it brings in.

My husband said he thought that was a bold move. I guess I didn’t give much thought to how “bold” a move it was, I just knew I wanted to give myself fully to our little family without the distraction of a job I didn’t control. It proved successful, and I’m thankful every day for the work I continue to receive.

I always value freedom over shackles. It can be scary to do the thing that gives you freedom, but it’s not impossible to find purpose (even greater purpose) in a self-motivated existence. Because I believe all people are capable of finding a better life if they just look under the right rocks, I want to invite you to take time to understand yourself: take a personality test, learn what makes you tick, and try to understand others through that same lens. My favorite *free* personality test can be found at 16personalities.com! Go check it out!

❤ ❤ ❤

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