Questions to Ask Before You Start Working from Home

If you feel like you’re right on the brink of making the decision to work from home, ask yourself these questions:

1) Will I miss being around other people every day?
Because I enjoy being alone most of the time, it’s no problem for me to socialize only with the dog all day until my husband comes home. If you’re a more social person, you might want to do a test run to see how you like being home all day. Keep in mind that if you work from home, you can pretty much work anywhere else, too. Coffee shops contain people, as do restaurants, libraries, and even parks. The cool thing about “working from home” is that you can tailor your environment to suit your personality.

2) Is the freedom worth the extra work?
Whether you work for a company or you make money as a freelancer, having a flexible working location is always going to mean extra work for you. This extra work comes in the form of increasing your prioritization skills, slashing distractions, and generally being a more self-motivated and disciplined person than you’ve ever had to be working in an office. Because you won’t have another person looking over your shoulder at all times, you’ll have to remind yourself to keep going when you want to nap, snack, or turn on the TV.

3) Will you be able to separate home life from work life?
I won’t lie: I have yet to master the art of completely separating my home life and my work life.  It really seems impossible when you’re a wife and mother. But because I enjoy my work, it’s not difficult to find reasons to knuckle down on writing and editing as a “break” from doing laundry and cleaning floors. As a soon-to-be stay-at-home mother, I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity to work from home so that I can “ride both horses,” so to speak. I do find, however, that I have to set a timer to keep myself from mixing the two roles and forgetting to complete tasks associated with each one. I know that after Grey is born, my work style will be much more challenging to nail down, but I’m excited to adapt. It’s all worth it!

4) Will you find time for everything?
This is a biggy. By “everything,” I mean: housework, work tasks, social obligations, church functions, family time, personal fitness, and general daily upkeep. If you’re like me, you might be likely to obsess over one component of your life and forget all the rest from time to time. I’ve done that several times; but it only leaves me feeling worse. So what if I’ve achieved a fitness goal if it came at the price of leaving dishes in the sink for three days? It’s also very easy for me to drag my feet at the thought of going to a social event because I have so much work to do at home, whether it’s catching up on housework or finishing those blog posts requested by a client. If I am careful to prioritize and use my time wisely, I’ll have plenty of time to enjoy social outings without feeling guilty that the house is dirty or my clients are waiting on me.

Believe me, I am thrilled to be able to work from home as a freelance writer. That’s why I want to give you the unabridged version of what it’s like to do what I do. I encourage you to pursue working from home so you can enjoy the many benefits it offers.

Perhaps you already work from home yourself, and you have some things to add to this list. If so, drop me a line at! I’d love to hear from you.


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